Poison Ivy Rash 101

One of the common rashes that you can easily have is the poison ivy rash. If you have an allergy to the urushiol which is the oily resin that comes from the stem or root or leaves of the poison ivy, oak or sumac. as the rash could develop quickly, you need to wash the affected part immediately with soap. the discomfort that it will cause can last for weeks so you may want to take action immediately when you have contact with the plant.

There are ways that you can do in your home so you can treat them like soothing lotions for the itchiness. A cold bath is also recommended. There are available medications that you can also have. Let us know the signs and symptoms that you have poison ivy rash. There is the redness, the itching, swelling, and appearance of blisters. you can also have the difficulty of breathing when you have in contact of the plant by inhaling the smoke that comes from the plant when being burned.

You may not know that you came in contact with the poisonous plant as the rash could develop after 12-48 hours. that is why you can transfer them to other parts of your body. If your skin came in contact with the oil, it may have the rash sooner. If you have a severe reaction, please see the doctor especially when you have difficulty breathing. If the swelling is continuous, fever is very high and blisters have pus, visit your doctor immediately. Also when rashes are in the eyes and even genitals.